Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rock On, Gold Dust....

I'm fortunate to have this record on original vinyl!  In our house, there are regular debates about who provides the true talent in the band.  Stevie?  Lindsey?  Christine?  The band's name-sakes?  Playful banter aside, it's fair to say that the elusive something comes from the group's unique composition.  I'd also add a respectful nod to the absent co-founder, Peter Green.  As it turned out, all roads led to the recording of the band's best known album - Rumours, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this month.   In this article over at Music Radar, the band's producer Ken Caillat reflects on the making of Rumours, track-by-track.  The article also features some great images of the band, on and off stage. Rumours - some say - after 35 years, is still one of the world's best albums ever made.  I'd agree.  Truly great, memorable, classic albums are like gold dust.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Awake & Aware...

"See the pages of days torn away and I turn to my future,
I'll have no line of sight in this life while I wish and I wonder,
see me climb to the top, I'm not blinded by signs and by science,
I'm awake, I'm aware, I can see and I'm free to believe.

See them whisper on the wind, I'm calling, I'm crying out loud again.

And I'm breathing in and out,
And I'm living again,
I've been playing,
On mood swings and roundabouts,
Now I'm living...

- Moodswings & Roundabouts, James Lowe

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Change Is Blowin In The Wind...

My partner & creative collaborator recently created a Be The Change series over at our sister blog, Surfing The Wave. Most recently she referenced a film (also a book) called The Help, which is set in the early 60s and focuses on racial oppression and the civil rights movement. This got us thinking about "change" songs of that time. Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' In The Wind' is one of the most iconic...

Another song which embodies the the feeling of the early 60s is Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is Gonna Come'. What you may not know is that Sam Cooke was apparently so moved that Bob Dylan - a white man - was singing about racism, that he found the courage to write about it too....

Do you love how music forever captures a moment in history? If you want to listen, switch off my audio player in the side-bar and click on the links above. Just close your eyes and be transported back in time....

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I dig music...

Music, you know, true music -
not just rock n roll - it chooses you.

It lives in your car,
or alone listening to
your headphones,
you know,

with the vast scenic bridges
and angelic choirs in your brain.

- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous